4.3.33. Replacement of the saloon filter of system of heating and conditioning

The manufacturer does not make accurate recommendations about replacement of the saloon filter of system of heating and conditioning. However its state depends on car service conditions: on more dusty and polluted roads the filter gets littered quicker. As practice shows, it is expedient to change the filtering element once a year (fall).

Good advice
Periodically between replacements remove the filter and clear it of dust, vigorously stirring up or blowing compressed air in the direction, the return to the movement of air during the work of a heater.

1. Remove facing of a box of airinflow (see. "Removal and installation of a lattice and facing of a box of airinflow"). The filter of system of heating and air conditioning is located in the right corner of a box of airinflow.
2. Wring out filter clamps...
3.... also take out the filter from the airreceiver.
4. Install the new filter in the airreceiver.
5. Establish the removed details as it should be, the return to removal.