4.3.18. Check of protective covers of hinges of equal angular speeds

Good advice
Hinges of drives are very durable. However at damage of protective covers water and dirt therefore they quickly fail gets to hinges. Work on replacement of drives of forward wheels quite labor-consuming, and drives are expensive. Seriously to save the time and money, avoid damage of protective covers of hinges (for example, owing to arrival on the wire which is sticking out of the earth) and immediately replace them at the slightest damages. If water or dust gets to the hinge through the damaged cover, it will fail through several hundreds of kilometers of a run.

1. Install the car on a viewing ditch or a platform.
2. Examine protective covers of the left external...
3.... and left internal hinges. On covers there should not be cracks and gaps. Replace the damaged covers.
4. Similarly examine protective covers of hinges of the drive of the right wheel.
5. Check density of a prileganiye of corbels of a cover and reliability of fastening of collars. The cover should not be turned on the hinge, and collars — on a cover. Otherwise replace collars.