4.3.10. Replacement of the filtering element of the air filter

The air filter needs to be replaced through each 20 000 km of a run. However its state depends on car service conditions: on more dusty and polluted roads the element gets littered quicker.

Good advice
Periodically between replacements take out the filtering element and clear it of dust, vigorously stirring up or blowing compressed air in the direction, the return to the movement of air during the operation of the engine.

1. Unfasten three spring latches...
2.... uncover the filter...
3.... also take the filtering element from the filter case.
4. If it is necessary, remove dust and dirt from the case of the air filter.
5. Install the new filtering element in the case.

The filtering element has the rectangular shape corresponding to a form of the case of the air filter therefore the wrong installation of an element is excluded.

6. Establish a cover of the filter and record spring latches.