4.3.25. Check of operation of the vacuum amplifier of brakes

At failure of the vacuum amplifier the effort to brake pedals considerably increases that negatively affects driving.
If the effort to pedals when braking considerably increased in comparison with usual, check the amplifier of brakes on the motionless car.
It will be required to you: the screw-driver with a flat edge, a rubber pear.
1. At the idle engine press five-six times a brake pedal. Holding a brake pedal in the pressed situation, launch the engine. The pedal of a brake has to move forward. If it did not occur, check...
2.... density of landing of a vacuum hose on the union of a branch pipe of the inlet pipeline...
3.... and in an opening of the vacuum amplifier.
4. Hook the screw-driver the union of a vacuum hose and take it from an opening of the sealing plug of the vacuum amplifier of brakes.
5. Densely insert a pear nose into that end of a vacuum hose by which the hose was connected to the vacuum amplifier, and squeeze it. Air has to come out a pear via the valve.
6. Release a pear. If it remained in the compressed state, so the valve is serviceable. In the absence of a pear it is possible to blow the valve a mouth.
7. If the backpressure valve passes air in both directions, replace the valve for what...
8.... squeeze short moustaches of a collar of fastening of a vacuum hose to the union of the inlet pipeline...
9.... shift a collar on a hose and disconnect a hose from the union. Then disconnect a hose of the vacuum valve of air conditioning system (it is specified by an arrow) from the union of the vacuum valve.
10. Disconnect the bringing and taking away vacuum hoses from unions of the vacuum valve.
11. Establish the removed details as it should be, the return to removal.