3. Malfunctions in way

The engine is not started
 General methods of launch of the engine
 Malfunctions in system of start-up
 Check of system of ignition
 Check of a power supply system of the engine
Malfunctions of system of injection of fuel
Idling was gone
Interruptions in operation of the engine
Diagnostics of a condition of the engine on appearance of spark plugs
The car moves breakthroughs
 Breakthrough at the time of a start of motion
 Breakthroughs at dispersal
 Breakthroughs at the established movement
The car badly accelerates
The engine decayed during the movement
Oil pressure fell
 Check of the lubrication system
Engine overheat
 Check of the cooling system
The rechargeable battery is not recharged
 Check of electric equipment
Launch of the engine from external sources of current
Malfunctions of electric equipment
There were foreign knocks
 Knocks in the engine
 Knocks in a suspension bracket and transmission
 The possible reasons of knocks in a suspension bracket and ways of their elimination
 Possible knocks (noise) of transmission, their reason and ways of elimination
 Vibration and blows on a steering wheel
 The possible reasons of vibrations and blows on a steering wheel and ways of their elimination
Problems with brakes
 Pumping of the brake system
 Check of the brake system
Wheel puncture
 Replacement of a wheel