3.14.5. Vibration and blows on a steering wheel

From below malfunctions not only suspension brackets, but also steering of the car can be the cause of knocks.

The condition of steering substantially influences not only convenience of driving, but also traffic safety.

Failure condition of spherical hinges of steering drafts and the steering mechanism, car wheels can be the reason of knocks and vibrations on a steering wheel. Check steering according to the technique stated in the subsection "Survey and Check of Steering on the Car".

Useful tips
The imbalance of forward wheels can be the possible reason of vibration and blows on a steering wheel at the movement with a speed over 70-80 km/h. Address to car service or point of mounting for check of balancing of forward wheels.
If blows and vibration on a steering wheel appear at the time of pressing a brake pedal, replacement of brake shoes, repair or replacement of forward brake disks is necessary (see. "Brake mechanisms of forward wheels").