3.14.2. Knocks in a suspension bracket and transmission

At emergence of foreign knocks in a suspension bracket of the moving car it is necessary to establish at once their source irrespective of, constant it is knock or appears only at journey of roughnesses.

Malfunctions in a suspension bracket of the car can lead to serious accident!

Check a suspension bracket according to the technique stated in section 4 "Maintenance" (see. "Check of technical condition of details of a forward suspension bracket on the car"; "Check of technical condition of details of a back suspension bracket on the car").

Good advice
It is better to check a condition of a suspension bracket on the car installed on a platform, a viewing ditch or the elevator and if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to perform this work on the free flat platform, though with smaller conveniences. Anyway you need the assistant.

It is quite difficult to diagnose serviceability of knots of transmission on the noise published by them. If you did not manage to define precisely a noise source, address the qualified specialist.
Repair the failed knots of transmission or replace (see section 6 "Transmission").