3.6.1. Breakthrough at the time of a start of motion

At the time of a start of motion the limit case of breakthrough — a failure takes place more often. The most unpleasant feelings are connected with delay of response of the engine to pressing of a pedal of an accelerator. Sometimes the engine at the same time even becomes deaf. The breakthrough arises at the time of the beginning of opening of a butterfly valve when determines the transition moment from the idling mode on the load mode by a signal of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve of EBU and has to increase amount of the fuel given through nozzles. With an insufficient pressure in a fuel stage, even at increase in duration of injection, fuel for smooth start-off from the place is not enough. A technique of check of pressure of fuel see in the subsection "Check of Pressure of Fuel in a Power Supply System".
In addition the breakthrough can arise also owing to malfunction of an electromechanical part of throttle knot and pollution of a butterfly valve deposits from crankcase gases.