4.3.17. Check of level and replacement of oil in the transmission

According to the recommendation of manufacturer oil in the transmission needs to be replaced through each 40 000 km of a run or each 4 years of operation (depending on what will come earlier).
It will be required to you: a key hexagon "on 10", capacity for collecting the fulfilled oil, the syringe.

In the transmission fill in oil of a class of quality GL-4, SAE 75W-90 or Fuchs 75V oil recommended by manufacturer.

1. Install the car on the elevator or a viewing ditch.
2. Weaken an inhaling of a stopper of an oil-filling opening of the transmission...
3.... carefully turn out a stopper and check oil level in the transmission. The lower edge of an oil-filling opening has to have it.
4. For replacement of oil weaken an inhaling of a stopper of a drain opening...
5.... carefully turn out a stopper...
6.... also merge oil in in advance prepared capacity.

Good advice
It is recommended to merge oil within 15 min. after a trip until it cooled down and has good fluidity.

7. Wrap a stopper of a drain opening.
8. Fill in from the syringe fresh oil in a transmission case to the lower level of an oil-filling opening.
9. Wrap a stopper of an oil-filling opening of the transmission.