4.3.11. Check of system of production of the fulfilled gases

The system of production of the fulfilled gases does not demand special service. Rather periodically to check reliability of an inhaling of threaded connections and an integrity of pillows of a suspension bracket. In case of damage, through corrosion or a progar elements of system replace assembled.

Good advice
At the increased noise level from system of release check its tightness. For this purpose launch the engine and examine all system.
Having run a hand over places of possible leak, not concerning knots, you feel leak of gases at once. If necessary replace the rusted and burned through knots.

Before repair let's cool down to system of release as in operating time of the engine it heats up to high temperature.
The fulfilled gases are poisonous, poisoning with them occurs imperceptibly therefore before launch of the engine in a garage surely open gate!

Useful tips
At impossibility to replace defective knot new it is possible to restore temporarily its working capacity, having imposed a metal patch on the damaged place and having fixed it by collars or a wire. Under a patch it is recommended to enclose the sheet of asbestos.
In shops of auto parts there are on sale special sets for restoration of knots of system of production of the fulfilled gases by means of which it is possible to eliminate temporarily damages of system to reach to car service or a garage.