11.9.9. Removal and installation of a forward door

It will be required to you: two keys "on 10", a face head "on 15".
1. Remove an upholstery of a forward door and a moisture protective film (see. "Removal and installation of an upholstery of a forward door").
2. Holding a pin from a provorachivaniye, the second key turn off a nut...
3.... also take a pin of the limiter of opening of a door.
4. Separate both blocks of the electric drive of blocking of the lock of a forward door.
5. Separate a block of a plait of wires of a window regulator.
6. Disconnect holders of a plait of wires from the internal panel of a forward door.
7. Shift a protective cover...
8.... also take a plait of wires from a technological opening of a forward door.
9. Holding a door (it is the best of all if it is done by the assistant), turn out two bolts of fastening of a door to the top and lower loops and remove a door.
10. Establish a forward door as it should be, the return to removal.