11:21. Replacement of a motionless glazing of a body

Glasses of a wind window and window of a door of a back are pasted in body apertures. They are replaced with identical receptions therefore work is shown on the example of glass of a wind window.
It will be required to you: the screw-driver with a flat edge, a pricker, a knife, set for an insert of glasses.
So set for an insert of glasses looks. It consists of a tuba with glue, a tip of a tuba, an activator/cleaner, soil.

In instructions for use of sets of different producers there can be insignificant distinctions. In this regard when performing this operation be guided by the instruction to the set acquired by you.

Good advice
For removal of the pasted glass it is convenient to use a steel string.

1. Remove a glass fringing.
2. Remove facings of forward racks (see. "Removal and installation of facings of salon").
3. Pierce a glue seam the pointed tool (for example, a pricker) and stretch a string in an opening (for example, having taken a passatizhama string).
4. For convenience of work on the ends of a string it is possible to fix screw-drivers which will serve as handles.
5. Saw a string a glue seam on all perimeter of glass (for performance of this operation the assistant can be required by you).
6. Remove glass from the car.

Observe precautionary measures during the work with glass. The damaged glass can unexpectedly collapse.

7. Cut off an old seam, leaving a thin layer of glue (1,0–2,0 mm).
8. Put the activator...
9.... on the edge of glass I will also eat windows on all perimeter.
10. Apply soil on perimeter of glass and aperture of a window.

You do not apply soil on the remains of old glue.

11. Establish the rubber pro-rates of identical thickness preventing contact of glass with body elements on all aperture.
12. Within 30 min. after putting soil evenly apply glue on a window aperture (thickness of a layer of 0,5 cm) and on glass perimeter.
13. Install glass assembled with a fringing on the car.
14. Press and record glass in any available way (for example, by means of a painting adhesive tape). The period of polymerization of glue makes not less than 2-3 h. During this time the car should not be exposed to any external influences. Even sharp closing of a door can lead to increase in pressure of air in salon and, as a result, to a glass separation. It is desirable to begin operation of the car after an insert of glass not earlier than in 24 h.
15. Establish facings of forward racks.
16. Establish the water taking away guard, a lattice of a box of airinflow and an internal rear-view mirror.
17. Install levers of a screen wiper of a wind window together with brushes.
18. Replace glass of a window of a door of a back similarly.

If on new glass of a wind window for any reasons there is no arm of fastening of a rear-view mirror, it is possible to paste an arm to glass independently. For this purpose will be required:
– glue the Loctite brands;
– arm of fastening of a mirror;
– pencil-steklograf or piece of chalk;
– alcohol for washing;
– pure paper towel;
– fine-grained emery paper No. 320-360.
1. Apply the arm basis to the external surface of glass, having combined its lower edge with the line of a marking on glass. Designate on glass an arm basis contour a steklograf or a piece of chalk. Outline a circle around an installation site of an arm of a little bigger diameter, than the arm basis to limit a zone of cleaning of an internal surface of glass.
2. Wash out soap solution the internal surface of glass and wipe dry a paper towel.
3. Wipe the internal surface of glass with the paper towel moistened in alcohol.
4. Process an emery paper granularity No. 320-360 the surface noted by a circle from the inside of glass, wipe with the paper towel moistened in alcohol and let's dry out.
5. Apply glue on the surfaces of glass and the basis of an arm, being guided by the instruction of firm manufacturer of glue.
6. Apply an arm to the internal surface of glass according to a marking and strongly press it on 30-60 pages.
7. 5 min. later remove from glass surplus of glue with the paper towel moistened with alcohol.