11.1. Features of a design

Body of the Chery Amulet cars of type the five-door hatchback, the bearing design, all-metal. The framework of a body includes the basis, sidewalls, a roof and details connected among themselves by electric welding (dot, sutural and arc). The body represents the non-demountable design having sufficient rigidity and bears on itself all units of the car, hinged knots of a body and a detail of an interior.
Side doors, cowl, back door, forward wings, forward and back bumpers belong to hinged knots. Side doors, a cowl, a door of a back are attached to a body by loops, forward wings — bolts.
Depending on a complete set the Chery Amulet cars equip with electrowindow regulators. For protection against side blow of a door are strengthened by a special shock-resistant beam.
Glasses of side doors and sidewalls, and also back door glass bent, polished, tempered.
The windshield is three-layer. Glass of a wind window and glass of a door of a back are pasted in the corresponding apertures. Glass of a door of a back is supplied with heating elements.
Forward and back bumpers plastic, are supplied with the power absorbing elements, painted in color of a body and attached to a body by bolts. Facing of a radiator removable, is attached by plastic holders to a framework of a motor compartment.
Front seats separate, with mechanical adjustment of their longitudinal situation and tilt angle of a back. Head restraints of seats easily removable, adjustable on height, are established on backs of all seats.
The back seat includes two pillows and two backs. In need of a pillow and a back of a back seat develop in parts for increase in volume of a luggage compartment.
Back seat belts for extreme passengers inertial. For the average passenger the zone belt is provided.
For increase in passive safety the car is equipped with the SRS system. Safety cushions which work at the time of accident enter it.
In interior of the car the power absorbing dashboard, the lighter, an ashtray, antisolar peaks, system of heating, ventilation and conditioning, a rear-view mirror, hand-rail are installed.
The volume, temperature, the direction and intensity of air streams are regulated the switches installed in the control unit of system of heating, ventilation and conditioning.
The exhaust ventilation of a body is carried out via deflectors with valves which are installed under a rear bumper.

Useful tips
For the period of the long parking of the car do not cover a body with a cover from dense material. The cover which became wet in the rain creates when heating in the sun steam "bath", the paint and varnish covering of a body under it can exfoliate and distend. Besides, under wind gusts the cover moves and erases paint on speakers parts of a body.
Do not put on a body objects from rubber. After a while rubber will leave on a covering (especially light) indelible spots.
If over time rubber products on a body of your car lost a trade dress, wipe them with the hand cream containing glycerin or the silicone lubricant sold in shops of auto parts.
From time to time you carry out by a thin metal plate between side glass and a rubber overlay for doors to remove dust and sand and to protect glass from scratches.
After a sink surely take out rubber rugs and dry salon. Moisture under rugs — the main reason of emergence of corrosion of a floor.