11.9.3. Replacement of a window regulator of a forward door

Window regulators of forward doors are equipped with the electric drive. Removal and installation of the control unit of electrowindow regulators are described in the subsection "Removal and Installation of an Upholstery of a Forward Door".
You will need a key "on 10".
1. Remove an upholstery of a forward door and a moisture protective film (see. "Removal and installation of an upholstery of a forward door").
2. Remove glass of a forward door (see. "Replacement of glass of a forward door").

It is optional to extract glass from a door, it is enough to disconnect of it from a window regulator and to record in extreme top situation, for example, by means of the screw-driver, pieces of a chlorvinyl tube of suitable diameter or a painting adhesive tape.

3. Separate a block of a plait of wires of a window regulator.
4. Turn off two nuts of fastening of a motor-reducer of a window regulator...
5.... turn out four bolts of fastening of a guide of a window regulator to the internal panel of a door...
6.... also take a window regulator from a door cavity through a technological window in its internal panel.
7. Establish a window regulator and all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.