11.14.6. Removal and installation of an electronic control unit additional system of passive safety

It will be required to you: TORX T30 key, the screw-driver with a crosswise edge.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Remove facing of a tunnel of a floor (see. "Removal and installation of facing of a tunnel of a floor").
3. Remove the dashboard (see. "Removal, dismantling and installation of the dashboard").
4. Turn out two screws of fastening of the distributor of air supply on the left side...
5.... one screw of fastening on the right side...
6.... also remove the air supply distributor.
7. Cast away a clamp of a block of a plait of wires of an electronic control unit...
8.... also disconnect a block from a block conclusion.
9. Turn out one screw of fastening of the block on the left side...
10.... two screws on the right side also remove the control unit.

Pay attention to marking of the control unit, for replacement buy the block with the same marking. The control unit can be installed on the car only in one situation: the arrow on the case of the block has to be directed in the direction of the movement of the car forward.

11. Establish an electronic control unit by system of passive safety and all removed details upside-down.