11.14.4. Replacement of a forward seat belt

It will be required to you: a key or a face head "on 17", the screw-driver with a flat edge.

Replacement of forward seat belts is shown on the example of a seat belt of the driver. The seat belt of the forward passenger is replaced similarly.

1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.

After a wire detachment from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery it is necessary to wait not less than 10 min. and only after that it is possible to start removal of the seat belt equipped with a prednatyazhitel.
Dismantling of prednatyazhitel of belts is forbidden.
Falling of coils of belts with prednatyazhitel and hit in them of water and oil is not allowed.
Influence on prednatyazhitel of belts of temperature above 95 °C is not allowed.

2. Remove the lower part of facing of the central rack (see. "Removal and installation of facings of salon").

The seat of the driver is for descriptive reasons removed.

3. Turn out two screws of fastening of a guide of a belt to the central rack.
4. Remove a decorative cap from the lower bolt of fastening of a belt...
5.... also turn out a bolt.

On bolts of fastening of a belt remote plugs are installed, do not lose them when replacing a belt.

6. Remove a decorative overlay of a buckle...
7.... also turn out a bolt of the top fastening of a belt.
8. Turn out a bolt of fastening of the inertial coil...
9.... also take the coil from a body rack.
10. Turn out a bolt of fastening of knot for adjustment of provision of a belt on height...
11.... shift adjusting knot up...
12.... also remove it, having brought clamps out of rack grooves.
13. For removal of the lock of a forward seat belt turn out a bolt of fastening of the lock from the left back side of a driver's seat and remove the lock.
14. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.