11.14.1. Features of a design

The system of passive safety (SRS) of the Chery Amulet car unites in a complex frontal safety cushions for the driver and the forward passenger and seat belts for the driver and all passengers. Seat belts for the driver, the forward passenger and side passengers on a back seat inertial. For the average passenger on a back seat the zone belt is provided.

The safety cushion does not replace a seat belt. Moreover, at the movement of the car the driver has to be surely fastened by a belt as in case of the road accident the worked safety cushion itself can put to the person who is not fastened by a belt a severe injury.

SRS log in:
– the module of a safety cushion of the driver located in a nave of a steering wheel and consisting of the put cover of a pillow and a gas generator;
– the module of a safety cushion of the forward passenger (establish depending on a car complete set) which is in the dashboard from the passenger and consisting of the put cover of a pillow and a gas generator;
– the electronic control unit established under the block of heating and air conditioning;
– seat belts.
Blow force at the road accident is determined by the electronic control unit (ECU) of system of passive safety by electronic accelerometers. To a signal of accelerometers the control unit activates safety cushions software.
Of seat belts provide to Prednatyazhiteli timely response to emergency delay of the car, attracting the driver and passengers to a seatback, and also exclude further movement it on inertia and getting injured from the worked safety cushion forward. At front blow of a certain force of EBU of a security system issues the command for a pyrotechnic element of a prednatyazhitel of a belt.

The mechanism of a prednatyazhitel of a seat belt is put in action earlier, than a safety cushion.