5.8.8. Replacement of laying of a final collector

Between flanges of a head of the block of cylinders and a final collector the sealing laying made of the pressed asbestos leaf reinforced by steel is established. At violation of tightness of this laying there is a break outside of the fulfilled gases which is followed by a characteristic sharp sound (the collector "secht"). If it is not possible to eliminate malfunction with tightening of fastening of a final collector, replace laying.
It will be required to you: face heads "on 13", "on 16".
1. Turn off three nuts of fastening of a reception pipe to a final collector and lower a reception pipe down.
2. Remove the thermoscreen of a final collector (see. "Removal and installation of thermoscreens").
3. Turn off eight nuts of fastening of a final collector.
4. Remove a final collector from hairpins.
5. Remove the thermoscreen...
6.... and the laying established under it.
7. Carefully clear privalochny surfaces of a head of the block and a final collector of the remains of old laying and a deposit.
8. Establish new laying and all removed details in the sequence, the return to removal.
9. Tighten nuts of fastening of a final collector evenly cross-wise.

Good advice
In order to avoid burning of laying and for increase in its tightness we recommend to grease before installation of laying it on both sides a thin layer of graphitic lubricant.
Grease hairpins of a head of the block of cylinders with graphitic lubricant.