5.7. Removal, troubleshooting and installation of a flywheel

The flywheel is removed for replacement of details of coupling.
It will be required to you: the tools necessary for removal of the transmission, and also a dodecahedral face key "on 9".
1. Remove the transmission (see. "Removal and installation of the transmission").
2. Turn out nine bolts of fastening of a flywheel to a drive plate of coupling...
3.... also remove a flywheel together with the conducted clutch plate.
4. Check a condition of teeths of a rim of a flywheel and in case of damage replace a flywheel.
5. Replace or repair a flywheel if on surfaces of a prileganiye of the conducted clutch plate there are risks or teases.
It is possible to check and repair a flywheel in the workshop having the special equipment.
Not planeness of surfaces of a prileganiye of the conducted clutch plate should not exceed 0,05 mm.
The beating of a flywheel should not exceed 0,15 mm.
6. Establish a flywheel as it should be, the return to removal, having combined a pin on a flywheel with a special cut on a drive plate of coupling.