6.2.1. Features of a design

Install the mechanical AQO15AA transmission on the Chery Amulet cars assembled at the Kaliningrad enterprise "Avtotor".

Fig. 6.4. Transmission: 1 – back cover of the transmission; 2 – speed sensor; 3 – backing light switch; 4 – gear shifting lever; 5 – сапун; 6 – intermediate draft of the choice of transfers; 7 – half shaft epiploon; 8 – right half shaft; 9 – left half shaft; 10 – an opening stopper for oil filling; 11 – cap of a back cover of the transmission; 12 – coupling switching off lever; 13 – transmission case; 14 – coupling case

The mechanical transmission is executed according to the two-shaft scheme with five synchronized transfers of the forward course. The transmission and the main transfer with differential have the general case of 13 (fig. 6.4) and 5 (fig. 6.5). The case of coupling 14 (see fig. 6.4) and 3 is attached to a forward part of a case of the transmission (see fig. 6.5). On a back part of a case of the transmission the aluminum cast cover 1 (see fig. 6.4) and 6 is established (see fig. 6.5).

Fig. 6.5. Schematic diagram of the transmission: 1 – main transfer and differential; 2 – secondary shaft; 3 – coupling case; 4 – main shaft; 5 – transmission case; 6 – back cover of the transmission; 7 – coupling switching off rod; 8 – coupling switching off bearing

On primary to a shaft 4 (see fig. 6.5) the gear wheels rotating on needle bearings III, IV and V transfers with the synchronizers installed on shaft vents are located, and the leading gear wheels of I, II transfers and a backing are made for a single whole with a main shaft.
The secondary shaft 2 is made together with the leading gear wheel of the main transfer 1, besides on a shaft the slidings which are freely rotating on bearings the conducted gear wheels of I and II transfers with the synchronizer installed on shaft vents, and III, IV and V transfers recorded on shaft vents the conducted gear wheels are established.
Transfers of the forward course join axial movement of couplings of the synchronizer I-II of transfers installed on secondary to a shaft and synchronizers III-IV of transfers and the V transfer established on primary to a shaft. The mechanism of gear shifting is located in a transmission case in its top part. Outside there is a lever 4 (see fig. 6.4) the choice and gear shifting connected by intermediate draft of the 6th choice of transfers to the lever mechanism of the drive of gear shifting installed on a case of the steering mechanism.
The drive of control of the transmission consists of the coulisse of the lever of gear shifting with the spherical support established on the basis of a body...
... systems of the drafts and levers installed on a case of the steering mechanism, and the mechanism installed in a transmission case.
The main transfer is executed in the form of couple of cylindrical gear wheels which are picked up for noise. The torque is transferred from the conducted gear wheel of the main transfer to differential and further to drives of forward wheels.
The differential is conic, two-satellite. Tightness of connection of half shafts 8 and 9 (see fig. 6.4) with gear wheels of differential is provided with epiploons 7.
Feature of the transmission of the Chery Amulet car — the bearing 8 located in a box case (see fig. 6.5) coupling switching off influencing a thrust bearing of a diaphragm spring of a press clutch plate through the rod 7 established in a hollow main shaft 4.
The oil replacement procedure in the transmission is described in section 4 "Maintenance" (see. "Check of level and replacement of oil in the transmission").