6.2.13. Adjustment of the drive of control of the transmission

For adjustment of the drive of control of the transmission by manufacturer special devices for fixing are provided in a certain provision of elements of the drive. Therefore in case of the violation of adjustment which is not allowing to include this or that transfer address on service.
For the prevention of violation of adjustment of the drive, performing the works connected with separation of its elements previously mark in any available way a relative positioning of details. At the return assembly establish drive elements according to the put tags.
If adjustment of the drive was broken slightly and transfers though with difficulty, but join, with some skills at the performer it is possible to try to restore adjustment by method of tests.
Weaken an inhaling of a nut of a coupling bolt of a collar of fastening of the lever of the choice of transfers of the drive to draft of the coulisse of a control lever the transmission and small movements of a nave of the lever on draft achieve accurate inclusion of transfers. If I and II transfers indistinctly are chosen, turn the lever concerning draft clockwise a little (if to take a detached view of the drive of the engine). At the indistinct choice of the V transfer and transfer of a backing turn the lever counterclockwise. If accurately are chosen, but (or do not join at all) I, III, V transfers and transfer of a backing badly join, move the lever on draft in the direction of the movement of the car back, without turning it concerning draft. At indistinct inclusion the lever move II and IV transfers on draft forward. After each movement of the lever on draft tighten a nut of a coupling bolt of a collar and check result of adjustment. If necessary repeat adjustment before obtaining the required result.