6.2.10. Repair of the mechanism of gear shifting

The mechanism of gear shifting consists of the forks of inclusion of transfers, their leads and a rod established in a case of the transmission, and also of a lead of the mechanism of the gear shifting established in inflow of this case. Removal, installation and troubleshooting of the details mounted in a case are described in the course of dismantling of the transmission (see. "Dismantling and assembly of the transmission and troubleshooting of its details"). Repair of a lead of the mechanism of gear shifting is described in this subsection.
You will need a stripper of lock rings.
1. Part the ends of a lock ring of fastening of cups of a press spring...
2.... and, holding the top cup, remove a ring.
3. Remove the top cup...
4.... spring...
5.... and lower cup.
6. Remove a lock ring of fastening of the carriage, having parted its ends.
7. Remove from a lead rod the carriage assembled with the switch...
8.... also take the switch from the carriage.
9. Examine gear shifting mechanism lead details. Replace strongly pressed out spring, the rod deformed or having damages of shliyets and a carving, the carriage and the switch with the openings increased owing to wear.
10. Collect a gear shifting mechanism lead as it should be, the return to dismantling.