11.22.7. Wash of the engine

For prevention of environmental pollution wash the engine and a motor compartment in the specially allotted places equipped with the waste sewerage or local treatment facilities.

In use the car on the external surfaces and elements of the engine deposits of dirt and oil collect. In the field of the engine case pallet they worsen oil cooling owing to what its viscosity decreases, engine details intensively wear out. The abrasive particles which accumulated near the oil probe of the engine at each check of level of oil can get to an engine case. Dirt and oil on elements of a control system of the engine, electric equipments and on high-voltage wires of system of ignition in a motor compartment create (especially during wet weather) undesirable electric chains which complicate launch of the engine and create interruptions in its work. And at last, with strongly polluted engine not to undergo checkup.
Wash a block head, the block of cylinders and the pallet of a case of the engine with special detergents which delete all types of pollution. The detergents acquired in shop can be divided into two groups:
– shampoos for a wash of the engine;
– universal remedies, for example, for a wash of the engine and removal of bituminous spots from a paint and varnish covering of a body.
From make-shifts it is possible to use the laundry detergent or liquid dissolved in water for washing of ware.

It is forbidden to use for a wash of the engine gasoline as any spark (even electrostatic discharge between your clothes and a body of the car) can cause ignition in a motor compartment.
It is forbidden to use naked flame. You do not smoke and do not start the engine before full removal of the remains of detergent from its surface.
If there is no opportunity to dry the engine after a sink compressed air, try to avoid hit of water on devices of electric equipment, a wire of high voltage, the coil or the module of ignition.
It is forbidden to launch the engine before full removal from its surface of the washing structure or water: in this case the risk of failure of electric equipment sharply increases.

It is more preferable to carry out a wash of the engine on special automobile sinks. It is standard service of the majority of automobile sinks: the engine is processed at first special structure, then washed manually then it is rinsed with water under pressure and dried compressed air. After a sink it is necessary to check serviceability of devices of electric equipment and operation of the engine.

In the course of a wash of the engine it is impossible to allow hits of water on the generator, a starter and elements of a control system of the engine.

When carrying out a wash of the engine in "house" conditions you will need a small scraper, a paint brush, a toothbrush (for hard-to-reach spots), the container with water or a garden sprayer. Considerable deposits of dirt and oil need to be removed with a scraper at first. If there is no scraper near at hand, then the screw-driver with the long handle well will be suitable for removal of deposits of dirt and oil, and it is better — a wooden shovel. After a sink to an obduyta the engine compressed air.

Good advice
If you have no compressor, then for an obduv of the engine compressed air it is possible to use the vacuum cleaner, having connected a hose to its exhaust outlet.