11.22.2. Polishing of a paint and varnish covering

Good advice
You do not store the car under the rubberized cover and do not put rubber objects on the painted body surfaces: they leave on a paint and varnish covering (especially light) dark stains which are not removed polishing.

For preservation of appearance of a body and contents its long time in good shape needs to be polished periodically a paint and varnish covering of a body. Select polishing means according to a condition of a covering, strictly observe recommendations about their application.
The first 2–3 months of operation of the car wash a body covering with cold water. For polishing of a new covering (up to 3 years) use bezabrazivny polishing means for new coverings.
At operation of the car from 3 to 5 years use the autopolishes for weather-beaten coverings containing a small amount of abrasive substances. In 5 years of intensive operation apply autopolishes to old coverings.
In order to avoid drying полироля process a body a pure flannel manually small sites.
For elimination of minor defects of a paint and varnish covering it is possible to use polishing PMA-1 or PMA-2 pastes. It is possible to polish manually and mechanically flannel or beaver-lamb circles.
Before the use mix paste, at solidification dilute it with water. After polishing wipe a surface with a pure flannel.
Paint over the small chips and scratches which did not break a layer of earth a thin brush. If the layer of earth is broken, smooth out the damaged place a fine-grained emery paper, having removed corrosion traces. Cover the smoothed-out place with a layer of earth (from a kraskoraspylitel, an aerosol barrel or a brush). When soil completely dries, paint over enamel the damaged place.
If on a paint and varnish covering of the car bitumen got, at once remove it with white spirit or an autocleaner of bituminous spots. Bitumen causes emergence of the yellow spots especially noticeable on a light paint and varnish covering.
At least once in two years it is necessary to process means Movil the hidden cavities of a body and to apply anticorrosive mastic on a surface of wheel arches and the bottom. We recommend to carry out these works at service station.