11.22.6. Care of an upholstery and rugs of salon

Each three months remove rugs and clear internal panels of interior of the car (in case of need this work can be carried out and is more often). For cleaning of dust and garbage, cleaning of rugs it is possible to use a rigid brush. After that rugs and an internal upholstery need to be vacuumed carefully, especially along seams and folds.
The eaten dirt can be removed from rugs with processing by household or automobile shampoos in aerosol package, following the instruction of the producer.
Part of internal panels of salon is upholstered with vinyl. For care of such upholstery the set of special cleaners and shampoos is released. Follow instructions of the producer and before starting global cleaning, test new structure on the hidden site of an upholstery for definition of ability of cleaner to cause change of coloring of upholsteries.
After cleaning process a vinyl upholstery protective structure.

Before processing of seats study the instruction for application of means: not all structures are suitable for processing of seats as they do them too slippery.
Do not process protective structures a steering wheel.

Leaving the car in the sun, try to close a cover the lit sites of a leather upholstery of seats.