11.22.4. Preparation and anticorrosive processing of the hidden cavities

In view of use of difficult processing equipment and need of high-quality performance of work processing of the hidden cavities is recommended to be carried out only at service stations of cars.
Order of performance of operations for protection against corrosion of the hidden cavities following:
– install the car on the elevator, remove the details and an upholstery interfering access to the hidden cavities;
– wash out water with the temperature of 40-50 °C through technological and drainage openings the hidden cavities and a bottom of a body to a pure effluence. Lowering glasses of doors have to be lifted;
– remove the moisture which got to salon and the luggage compartment, blow compressed air all places of drawing anticorrosive structures;
– overtake the car in the camera of drawing anticorrosive structure and install on the elevator. Put with dispersion anticorrosive structure;
– lower the car from the elevator, clear of pollution external panels of a body the rags moistened in white spirit.