7.1.4. Repair of a damping rack of a forward suspension bracket

Repair of the shock-absorber of a telescopic rack usually does not result in desirable result therefore if necessary we recommend to replace the shock-absorber.
It will be required to you: a key "on 22", a key hexagon "on 7", the device for compression of a spring...
... and the special device for an otvorachivaniye of a round nut of fastening of the top support of a rack to its rod.
Pay attention: the nut has at an end face grooves which two ledges of adaptation which is rotated, in turn, a wrench for a hexagon enter.
2. Install the device for compression of a spring and squeeze a spring.
3. Holding a rod from a provorachivaniye a key hexagon, turn off a rod nut adaptation.
4. Remove the top support of a rack...

The top support of a rack and the persistent bearing represent non-demountable knot therefore in case of malfunction or damage of one of two elements it is necessary to replace knot assembled.

5.... top plate of a spring...
6.... spring...

Replace springs only with couples (right and left at the same time).

7.... persistent washer...
8.... and the compression buffer assembled with a protective cover.

At damage of the buffer of compression or a protective cover replace knot new.

9. Install the shock-absorber vertically and several times against the stop lower and lift a shock-absorber rod. Make sure that the rod moves without failures, jammings and knocks. Otherwise replace the shock-absorber. Besides, replace the shock-absorber at detection of traces of dribble of liquid (the insignificant otpotevaniye in the top part of the case is allowed) and at damage of a carving to the top part of a rod.

Replace shock-absorbers only with couples (right and left at the same time).

10. Collect a damping rack as it should be, the return to dismantling. A nut of a rod of the shock-absorber tighten the moment of 40 N · m.

So the details of a damping rack which are spread out as their installation look.

11. Install a damping rack on the car (see. "Removal and installation of a damping rack of a forward suspension bracket").

After repair of a damping rack check and if necessary adjust the angles of installation of wheels. Use services of the workshops having the special equipment.