7.1.11. Replacement of the bearing of a forward nave

In a nave the ball two-row bearing which during operation does not demand adjustment and lubricant is installed. At a nave vypressovka the bearing collapses therefore press off a nave from a rotary fist only for replacement.
It will be required to you: a key "on 13", a stripper of lock rings, a stripper of bearings, the screw-driver with a crosswise edge.

We recommend to replace bearings of both naves of forward wheels at the same time.

1. Remove a rotary fist (see. "Removal and installation of a rotary fist").
2. Turn out the screw of fastening of a brake disk to a nave...
3.... also remove a disk.
4. Turn out two bolts of fastening to a fist of an antisplash guard...
5.... also remove a guard.
6. Squeeze a stripper a lock ring of the bearing...
7.... also take it from a fist pro-point.
8. Vypressuyte a nave, using a mandrel of suitable diameter (for example, a face head from tool kit).

Most likely, on a nave there will be an external half of an internal ring of the bearing. Remove it from a nave a stripper.
After removal of a nave the bearing is not suitable for reuse therefore it should be replaced.

9. Turn a nave other party up and a vypressuyta from a fist the bearing, using a mandrel of suitable diameter.

The bearing can be beaten out from a fist the hammer as the vypressovanny bearing is not subject to reuse.

10. Clear details and grease an internal surface of a nest of a fist and an external surface of a nave with a thin layer of Litol-24 lubricant.
11. Press the new bearing against the stop in a nest fillet in a fist.
12. Establish a lock ring of the bearing in a fist pro-point.
13. Press a nave in the bearing against the stop, having propped up a support an internal ring of the bearing.

If at a press fitting of a nave not to record an internal ring of the bearing a support, it will be damaged.

14. Establish on a fist an antisplash guard, and on a nave — a brake disk.
15. Establish a rotary fist as it should be, the return to removal (see. "Removal and installation of a rotary fist").