11.4.2. Removal, dismantling and installation of a rear bumper

It will be required to you: keys "on 8", "on 10", "on 15", a face head "on 17" with the extender, a drill with a diameter of 5 mm, a drill.
1. Remove mudguards and flaps of back wheels (see. "Removal and installation of mudguards of wheels and flaps").
2. Weaken an inhaling of three self-cutting screws of the lower fastening of a bumper to the body basis.
3. Hook the screw-driver and remove a cap...
4.... turn out a bolt from left...
5.... and right side.
6. Turn out two bolts (on both sides of) forward fastening of a bumper to a body.
7. Remove a luggage carrier upholstery (see. "Removal and installation of facings of a luggage carrier"), turn out two nuts of fastening...
8.... also remove a rear bumper.
9. Drill three rivets of fastening and remove the left side holder of a bumper. Similarly remove the right holder.
10. Turn out three bolts of fastening from the left and right side...
11.... also remove arms.
12. Establish details upside-down.