11.4.1. Removal, dismantling and installation of a front bumper

It will be required to you: keys "on 8", "on 12", a drill with a diameter of 5 mm, a drill.
1. Remove facing of a radiator (see. "Removal and installation of facing of a radiator").
2. Remove mudguards and flaps of forward wheels (see. "Removal and installation of mudguards of wheels and flaps").
3. Disconnect blocks of a plait of wires from conclusions of fog lights.
4. Turn out two bolts of fastening of a front bumper to an arm on the left side...
5.... and two bolts on the right side.
6. Turn out on one bolt (from each party) back fastening of a bumper.
7.... also remove a bumper.
8. Drill three rivets of fastening and remove the left side holder of a bumper.
9. Similarly remove the right holder.
10. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.