10.3.3. Removal and installation of the assembly block of salon

The assembly block is removed for replacement of conducting or at an oplavleniye of the plastic case of the block.
It will be required to you: a key "on 10", screw-drivers with a crosswise and flat edge.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Remove the ware shelf located under a steering column (see. "Replacement of safety locks and relay in assembly blocks").
3. Bring ledges of plastic holders of the assembly block out of openings in a body arm...
4.... also remove holders.
5. Mark an arrangement of blocks of the relay and safety locks in order that it is correct to install them on the case of the assembly block.
6. Wring out the screw-driver...
7.... also remove contact sockets of the relay and safety locks from the case of the assembly block.
8. Having wrung out clamps, disconnect blocks of plaits of wires from sockets of the assembly block...
9.... also remove the assembly block from the car.
10. Turn off two nuts of fastening of the block of safety locks to the general case of the assembly block...
11.... also remove the block of safety locks.
12. Install the assembly block as it should be, the return to removal.