4.2.6. Check of level and dolivka of windshield washer fluid

It will be required to you: in the summer — the concentrate of special liquid for a washer reservoir divorced clear water; in the winter — nonfreezing liquid.

Useful tips
Use the nonfreezing liquid of production of well-known companies which is not containing methanol hazardous to health.
At temperature increase of air do not dilute nonfreezing liquid for economy. Besides freezing temperature increase, at the diluted liquid the washing properties sharply worsen.

The manufacturer does not recommend use of usual water for filling of a washer reservoir.
Freezing of liquid in a washer reservoir will lead to its destruction.

The washer reservoir is located in a motor compartment near a tank of the hydraulic booster of steering.
1. For replenishment open a tank cover...
2.... also add liquid to the level of his mouth then close a tank cover.
3. At a contamination of a jet of a washer clean it a sewing needle. It it is possible to adjust also the direction of a stream of the washing liquid.

To a clearing and adjustment of a jet apply only not tempered needles or pins. The broken-off tip of the tempered needle cannot be removed from a jet opening.