4.2.2. Check of level and a dolivka of oil in the engine lubrication system

It will be required to you: engine oil, pure rag.

The manufacturer recommends to apply oils of the Shell brand of a class of viscosity 10W-30 or 5W-30 (depending on climatic conditions) groups of quality not lower than SG.

Before check of level of oil after a trip kill the engine and wait 5–10 min. until oil merges in a case.
Add oil of the same brand, viscosity and a class of quality, as well as at used earlier.
Oil level in a case of the engine should not exceed a tag of "MAX", otherwise leaks through laying and epiploons, the raised oil consumption are possible.
Check level, having installed the car on the flat horizontal platform.

The stopper of an oil-filling mouth is located on a cover of a head of the block of cylinders. The index (probe) of level of oil is located in the right back part of the block of cylinders near an inlet pipe.
1. Take the top part of the index of level of oil of the holder...
2.... take out the index, wipe it with a pure rag and insert into place.
3. Repeatedly take out the index (probe). Level of an oil film has to be between tags of "MIN" and "MAX". If the level of oil approaches a tag of "MIN" or below it, add oil.
4. For a dolivka of oil turn a stopper of an oil-filling mouth counterclockwise...
5.... also remove it.
6. Fill in oil in the engine, controlling its level by means of the index. Before taking out the index, wait 2–3 min. to allow oil to flow down in a case.
7. After the level of oil reaches demanded, wrap a mouth stopper.