4.2.3. Check of level and dolivka of cooling liquid

It will be required to you: cooling liquid, funnel, pure rag.

The manufacturer recommends to apply cooling liquid (antifreeze) on the basis of ethylene glycol of production ESSEX and Shell.
Do not mix liquid of different color and different producers. If you need to add cooling liquid, but you do not know brand of the liquid which is filled in in system, replace all liquid in the cooling system.
Apply production only of the checked manufacturers. Remember that use of low-quality cooling liquid leads to expensive repair of the engine!
Before work install the car on a plain surface.

Check the level of cooling liquid only on the cold engine.
Cooling liquid is toxic therefore during the work with it observe precautionary measures.
Do not pour liquid in a tank above a tag of "MAX" as during the operation of the engine its volume will increase.
At launch of the engine the stopper of a broad tank has to be densely closed.

Useful tips
Constantly you watch the level of cooling liquid. Its sharp decrease or increase has to become a signal for immediate check of the cooling system of the engine.
If svezhezality antifreeze suddenly unexpectedly quickly changed color on brown, so sold you a fake to which "forgot" to add corrosion inhibitors. As soon as possible replace liquid until it managed to corrode the cooling system.

1. The broad tank is installed in podkapotny space on the left side. Level of cooling liquid has to be between the tags of "MAX" and "MIN" applied on a wall of a broad tank.
2. For a dolivka of liquid turn off a stopper of a broad tank...
3.... add cooling liquid to the required level...
4.... and densely wrap a stopper of a broad tank.

Wrap a stopper of a broad tank densely. At the working engine the broad tank is under pressure therefore from under poorly wrapped up stopper cooling liquid can begin to flow or can break a stopper.