1.6.2. Window regulators

Glasses of forward and back doors lowering. Electrowindow regulators of all doors are installed on the Chery Amulet cars in complete sets of A15 II and A15 III.

The rising glass can jam hands or other parts of a body and put a serious trauma. Be attentive when using of electrowindow regulators.

The central control unit of electrowindow regulators is located in an armrest of a door of the driver. The block turns on switches of electrowindow regulators of all four doors and the button of blocking of the switches located in the doorway of passengers (the button is installed separately, its form differs from a form of other buttons).
In armrests of doors of passengers only switches of management of window regulators of each door are located.
To lower glass, press a switch key.
To lift glass, pull the forward end of a key up.
Pressing of the button of blocking doors of the driver deactivates the switches of electrowindow regulators installed in the doorway of passengers. Management of them becomes possible only from the block of a door of the driver. At the same time in the button the yellow control lamp lights up. By repeated pressing the button switches of window regulators in the doorway of passengers are activated.
For lowering or raising of glasses of doors with the mechanical drive of a window regulator rotate the handle in the relevant party.