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1.13. Rear-view mirrors

For adjustment of provision of external mirrors move the lever of the hinge installed in a mirror support in the necessary direction.
The handle of management of mirrors with the electric drive is located on the handle of a door of the driver. It is necessary for adjustment of provision of mirrors that the key in the switch of ignition was in situation "II".
For switching of management between the left and right mirrors turn the handle respectively to the left or to the right.
In the central position of the handle management of mirrors is blocked.
For adjustment of provision of mirrors reject the handle of management in the relevant party.
Upon termination of adjustment return the handle of management to average situation.

For reduction of a dimension of the car at the parking in places the external mirror can be put with heavy traffic, having turned on the hinge a hand.

The provision of an internal rear-view mirror is regulated turn in the necessary party on the arm hinge.
For prevention of dazzle by light of headlights of the transport moving behind it is possible to change turn of the lever the provision of an optical element on its support.