1.2. Passport data

Seventeen-place identification number (VIN) of the car, the name of manufacturer and model of the engine are specified in the identification plate...
... attached in podkapotny space by rivets to a wing of the right forward wheel.
The data on the car which are contained in the identification plate are provided on fig. 1.4.

Fig. 1.4. Identification plate: 1 – manufacturer; 2 – identification number of the car; 3 – manufacturing country; 4 – engine model; 5 – a mark of conformity at obligatory certification

Besides, identification number of the car is applied with a branding in podkapotny space on front panels.
Interpretation of identification number XUVDA11B170000000:
XUV — the international code of manufacturer;
D — designation of make of the car;
A — body type (three-volume, five-door, with the drive on one axis);
1 – transmission type (1 – mechanical; 2 – automatic);
1 – engine capacity (from 1,5 to 2,0 l);
B — type of the system holding at accident (A — seat belts; B — seat belts and forward safety cushions);
1 – test sign;
7 – code of year of release of the car (tab. 1.2);
0 – code of manufacturer;
000000 – serial number of a body.

Table 1.2 Code of Year of Release of the Car

The model of the engine and its number are beaten out on the platform of the block of cylinders located on its right wall over an oil case...
... also are applied on a sticker of a cover of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism.
On the top part of a case of the transmission the plate with designation of model of the transmission and its number is pasted.