1.6.1. Locks

Locks of all doors, and at failure of the remote drive and the trunk lid lock, unlock one key which also include ignition.
Side doors open, having pulled on themselves external...
... or internal handle.
Forward doors can be blocked outside a key...
... or having pressed blocking the button.
It is possible to unblock doors or having used a key (lobbies)...
... or having extended the blocking button up.

If on the car the system of the central blocking of locks of doors is installed, then the turn of a key in the lock of a door of the driver or pressing (raising) of the button of blocking doors of the driver leads to blocking (unblocking) of all four doors.
Back doors can be blocked or unblocked only blocking buttons.
The door of the driver can be blocked only in a closed position, for blocking of other doors it is possible to press the button of blocking in any provision of a door.

Locks of back doors are equipped with the mechanism excluding a possibility of opening of doors from within (the "children's" lock).
If on a back seat there are children, at an open door turn a rychazhok of blocking to the right and close a door. In this case at not pressed key of blocking it is possible to open a door only outside, the internal handle the lock cannot be unlocked.
For shutdown of "children's" blocking turn a rychazhok to the left.
To open a back door, turn a key in the lock counterclockwise...
... take out a key, press the button of the lock and lift a door up.