8.3.4. Replacement of a shaft of steering and intermediate shaft

Steering column — one of the most important elements of safety of traffic therefore replace the steering shaft established in a steering column with the following defects:
– deformation or damage of an intermediate shaft, a side play in cardan hinges, and also damage of its klemmovy connections with shaft of steering and shaft gear wheel of the steering mechanism;
– deformation or damage of a shaft of steering, damage of shliyets of connection of a shaft with a nave of a steering wheel and with an intermediate shaft.
You will need two keys "on 13".
1. Remove from the car a steering column together with an intermediate shaft (see. "Removal and installation of a steering column").
2. Turn off a nut of a bolt of klemmovy connection of intermediate and steering shaft, take a bolt from an eye of the cardan hinge...
3.... also disconnect an intermediate shaft from a steering column.
4. Remove an expansion spring from a steering shaft...
5.... also take a shaft from a pipe of a steering column.

In case of damage of arms of a steering column or the mechanism of adjustment of its situation replace a pipe of a steering column or a column assembled. Welding works for elimination of damages of a pipe of a steering column are forbidden.