10.6.1. Features of a design

The starter of the Chery Amulet car represents the quadripolar four-brush electric motor of a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets combined with a planetary reducer and the electromagnetic dvukhobmotochny traction relay.

Fig. 10.7. Starter details: 1 – the screw of fastening of the traction relay to a forward cover; 2 – washers; 3 – forward cover; 4 – lock ring of the coupling of the drive; 5 – persistent ring of the coupling of the drive; 6 – drive coupling; 7 – drive lever; 8 – anchor of the traction relay; 9 – returnable spring; 10 – traction relay; 11 – overlay of a support of the lever of the drive; 12 – drive lever support damper; 13 – the screw of fastening of a back cover from a collector; 14 – coupling bolt; 15 – satellite; 16 – back cover; 17 – drive shaft; 18 – brush knot; 19 – solar gear wheel; 20 – rotor; 21 – stator; 22 – sealing ring of a planetary reducer

Covers of 3 and 16 (fig. 10.7) and the case of the stator 21 are pulled together with two bolts 14. Permanent magnets are fixed in the case of the stator. Rotation from a rotor of the 20th electric motor is transmitted to a shaft of the 17th drive through the planetary reducer consisting of a solar gear wheel 19 drove, the 17th drive, and three satellites 15 manufactured for a single whole with shaft. On a shaft of the drive the roller coupling 6 of a free wheeling is installed.
Shaft of the drive and rotor rotate in two ceramic-metal plugs of the bearings pressed in covers 3 and 16.
On a cover 3 the traction relay 10, an anchor 8 which via the lever 7 moves the drive coupling 6 is fixed. At turn of a key in the switch (lock) of ignition in situation "III" (starter) tension from the rechargeable battery moves on the involving and holding windings of the traction relay 10, the anchor of the 8th traction relay moves the lever 7 of the drive and the gear wheel of the coupling 6 of the drive of a starter enters gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel of the engine. At the same time the anchor of the traction relay closes power contacts (at this moment the involving winding is switched off) – on the electric motor of a starter tension from the rechargeable battery moves. The rotor of the 20th starter through a planetary reducer turns a bent shaft of the engine. After launch of the engine when the frequency of rotation of a gear wheel exceeds the frequency of rotation of a shaft of a starter, the coupling of a free wheeling will be unblocked and revolves, thereby protecting a starter from the high frequency of rotation and damages.

Technical characteristic of a starter
Rated power, kW..... 1,2
Rated voltage, In..... 12

The starter operating mode short-term, its duration is up to 10 pages. At a negative temperature work duration to 15 pages is allowed. The starter eats from the rechargeable battery with a capacity of 60 And · h. It treats the restored, served products.

Useful tips
To avoid many malfunctions of a starter, follow a number of simple rules at its operation:
– at launch of the engine include a starter no more than on 10-15 with and repeatedly – through 20–30 pages. Continuous long work of a starter can lead to its overheat. If after three attempts the engine is not launched, then it is necessary to check and eliminate malfunctions in a power supply system of the engine or in system of ignition;
– after launch of the engine immediately switch off a starter as long rotation of a gear wheel of the drive a flywheel can lead to damage of the coupling of a free wheeling of a starter;
– do not move the car by means of a starter as it causes its considerable overload and damage.