1.7.2. Seat belts on back seats

For extreme passengers on a back seat inertial seat belts are established, and for the average passenger the zone static (not inertial) belt is provided.

Useful tips
Regularly check a condition of belts. If you found on attrition belts, anguishes or other damages, surely replace belts. If belts are polluted, wash out them weak soap solution.
Seat belts it is possible to record the freight transported on a back seat from movement.

Do not iron belts the iron at all.
Do not fasten a belt of the child sitting on a lap the passenger.
For transportation of children aged up to 12 years it is necessary to use special children's seats to which the child is fastened own belt. In turn, this seat has to be reliably recorded on a car seat by regular seat belts.
Surely replace the belts subjected to critical loading in the road accident.