6.3.3. Removal and installation of drives of forward wheels

Drives of forward wheels are removed for their replacement at damage or for replacement of hinges and their covers. Besides, drives of forward wheels happens it is necessary to remove for receiving access to other units.

External and internal hinges of both drives have an identical design therefore the left and right drives are removed the same receptions. Work is shown on the example of the left drive.

It will be required to you: all tools for a detachment of a spherical support from the lever of a forward suspension bracket (see. "Replacement of the lever of a forward suspension bracket"), steering draft from the rotary lever (see. "Replacement of an external tip of steering draft"), and also a face head "on 30", TORX M8 key, a key for bolts of wheels.
1. Weaken an inhaling of a nut of a nave and bolts of fastening of a wheel.

At a nave nut otvorachivaniye the car has to stand on the earth! Weaken and tighten bolts of fastening of wheels only on the car standing on the earth.

2. Slow down the car the parking brake, establish persistent whetstones under back wheels and raise a forward part of the car, having established reliable support. Remove a forward wheel.
3. Finally turn off a nave nut...

Do not reuse a nut of naves.

4.... also remove a persistent washer.
5. Disconnect the left steering draft from the rotary lever (see. "Replacement of an external tip of steering draft").
6. Turn out three bolts of fastening of a spherical support to the suspension bracket lever...
7.... also remove a mortgage plate of its fastening with welded nuts.
8. Turn out six bolts of fastening of the case of the internal hinge to a half shaft flange...
9.... take bolts from case openings, remove three lock plates established under them...

Replace lock plates of bolts of fastening of internal hinges at each dismantling of connection new.

10.... also disconnect the internal hinge from a half shaft.
11. Take a little a damping rack aside, at the same time taking out a shaft of the external hinge of equal angular speeds from a nave...

Good advice
If it is not possible to take a hinge shaft by effort of hands, beat out it from a nave easy blows of the hammer through the pro-rate made of soft metal or a tree.

12.... also remove the drive.
13. Install the drive of the left forward wheel and all removed details in the sequence, the return to removal.
14. Establish a wheel and wrap bolts of fastening of a wheel against the stop, without tightening them it is final.
15. Install the car on wheels, having removed it from support, and tighten a nave nut.

Finally tighten a nave nut on the car standing on the earth. The moment of an inhaling of a nut of 280 N · m (28 kgfs · м). Are strictly forbidden to move the car at not tightened nave nut in order to avoid damage of a separator of the hug bearing.

16. Tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel (see. "Replacement of a wheel").