10.5.1. Features of a design

Install the generator of alternating current on the Chery Amulet cars, three-phase, with the built-in vypryamitelny block and the electronic regulator of tension, the right rotation (if to take a detached view the drive).

Fig. 10.6. Generator details: 1 – casing; 2 – brush knot; 3 – tension regulator; 4 – vypryamitelny block; 5 – coupling bolt; 6 – insulator of conclusions of a winding of the stator; 7 – back cover; 8 – back bearing of a rotor; 9 – nut of fastening of a pulley; 10 – spring washer; 11 – pulley; 12 – forward bearing of a shaft of a rotor; 13 – forward cover; 14 – stator; 15 – rotor; 16 – contact rings

The stator 14 (fig. 10.6) and covers 7, 13 are pulled together with four bolts 5. The shaft of a rotor 15 rotates in bearings 8 and 12 which are installed in covers. Food is brought to a rotor winding (an excitement winding) through brushes and contact rings 16.
The three-phase alternating current induced in a stator winding will be transformed in constant by the vypryamitelny block 4 attached to a cover 7. The electronic regulator 3 tension and the brush holder 2 also fasten to a cover 7. Tension for excitement of the generator at inclusion of ignition is brought to a conclusion of "D+" of the regulator through the alarm lamp of the category of the rechargeable battery located in a combination of devices.
After launch of the engine the winding of excitement eats from three additional diodes installed on the vypryamitelny block of the generator.
Operation of the generator is monitored by an alarm lamp of the category of the rechargeable battery located in a combination of devices. At inclusion of ignition the lamp has to burn, after launch of the engine – to die away if the generator is serviceable. Bright burning of a lamp or its burning dimly testifies to malfunctions.

Technical characteristic of the generator
Rated current of return, And..... 90
Rated voltage, In..... 14

Good advice
Recently appeared many firms specializing in repair of import starters and generators. There it is possible to carry out diagnostics of faulty knot, to buy spare parts for any model of the generator (starter), to get the qualified advice. If you are not sure that you can repair the generator (starter) independently, there is a sense to address to such firm where repair of these knots will be expedited, is qualitative also for reasonable price. However on cars with a big run it is often more favorable to replace knot assembled new, than to replace the failed details.