10.4.4. Check of level of electrolyte in the rechargeable battery

Periodically, at least once in two weeks check electrolyte level in battery elements.

At batteries with the cover, general for all elements, equipped with a condenser cavity it is allowed to check electrolyte level once in two months.

Electrolyte level has to be in all elements between the tags of "MIN" and "MAX" applied on the translucent case of the rechargeable battery. If there are no tags, then the level of electrolyte has to be 5-10 mm higher than the top edge of separators.

Good advice
It is convenient to check electrolyte level over the top edge of separators a glass tubule, having lowered it in an element against the stop in a separator and having closed the free end of a tubule a finger.

For restoration of level of electrolyte add only the distilled water. If it is precisely established that slopping is the reason of low level, then add electrolyte of the same density, as remained in a battery element. If level is higher than norm, pump out electrolyte a rubber pear with an ebonite tip.

It is strictly forbidden to add in the rechargeable battery the concentrated acid!