10.4.3. Care of the rechargeable battery

At least once in two weeks delete with dry rags dust and dirt from a surface of a monoblock and a cover of the battery. If on a cover incidentally there was an electrolyte, remove it with the pure rags moistened with 10% solution of liquid ammonia or soda. Then dry wipe a cover surface.

Clear a cover surface only at densely wrapped up traffic jams in order to avoid electrolyte pollution.

You watch that traffic jams were always densely wrapped in mouths of cans. At least once in two weeks check purity of openings for gas discharge in traffic jams as the contamination of these openings will cause increase in pressure of gas in the battery that can lead to its damage.
For prevention of oxidation of polar conclusions of the battery and tips of wires regularly clear them and grease with technical vaseline. You watch density of connection of tips of wires and conclusions.

Good advice
Instead of technical vaseline it is possible to apply the copper-bearing lubricants which are available on sale to protection against oxidation of conclusions and tips.

Periodically check reliability of fastenings of the battery on the car and if necessary tighten them in order to avoid emergence of cracks on a monoblock.

Good advice
For reduction of the vibrations which are transferred to a battery monoblock install the battery on a rug from acidproof rubber.

Wires have to be attached to conclusions of the battery with a weak point as the tension of wires can lead to shaking of conclusions in a cover and a leak of electrolyte.