9.7.2. Replacement of tubes of a hydraulic actuator of brakes

Connections of tubes with all knots of the brake system and hoses, and also the principles of their replacement are identical.

Works are shown on the example of the tube connecting the left brake hose to the working brake cylinder of the left back brake mechanism.

It will be required to you: special keys for the pipelines "on 11" and "on 14".
1. Turn off a nut of fastening of a brake tube, holding a hose tip from a provorachivaniye...
2.... also take a hose tip.
3. Turn out a nut of fastening of a tube to the working brake cylinder of the back brake mechanism...
4.... also bring a tube out of the cylinder.
5. Take a tube from holders on a beam of a back suspension bracket...
6.... also remove it.
7. Establish a new tube in the sequence, the return to removal.
8. Similarly replace other tubes.