9.3. Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system

The hydraulic actuator of brakes is pumped over for removal of the air which got there when filling with liquid after its replacement or after repair of knots of the hydraulic actuator connected with its depressurization.
Signs of availability of air in a hydraulic actuator:
– increase in the course of a pedal, its "softness" by single pressing a pedal;
– gradual reduction of the course of a pedal with simultaneous increase in its "rigidity" by repeated pressing a pedal.
Before pumping of a hydraulic actuator it is necessary to find and remove the depressurization cause.

Good advice
If pumping of a hydraulic actuator is connected with repair of any one contour and serviceability of other contour is obviously known, then pumping only of the repaired contour is admissible.

Actions when pumping a hydraulic actuator same, as well as when replacing the brake fluid described in section 4 "Maintenance" (see. "Replacement of brake fluid in a hydraulic actuator of brakes"). Distinction consists only that criterion of completion of pumping of the working cylinder is the termination of an exit of vials of air from a hose, but not emergence is fresher than brake fluid.