2.4.2. Use of a jack

When using a jack on soft soil enclose a bar or a board under the jack basis.
1. Open a luggage carrier.
2. Lift a luggage carrier rug. The jack is located in an internal part of a spare wheel.
3. Fix a rug loop on a hook of the shelf of a luggage carrier.
4. Get a jack from a luggage carrier.
5. Establish a jack under a body threshold so...
6.... that the edge of a threshold was placed in a jack head groove, and the head was located under a special nest in a threshold. Nests are located near each wheel.

Before raising of a wheel include the I transfer, slow down the car the parking brake and enclose an emphasis under wheels from the opposite side.
Do not work under the car lifted on a jack, but if not to do without it, establish strong and steady support under an axis.